Wednesday, November 13, 2019

thursday 13-My Christmas wish list and i mean wish - -none of them will make their way here hahah

1- Bissell cross wave-I could do some serious cleaning

2-  a Tv bigger than a postage stamp with streaming

 am so sick of big pharma ads and  nothing on tv - we pay for their advertising !!(rant over)

3- a phone of this era 

4 - A new driveway ,was unable to get  one after storm , could not afford, mine badly damaged.

5-A landscape helper,love the outdoors but lifting has become hard for me .

6- Many trips- so much illness and I want to see and help these people all over the  US

7 unlimited flower budget oh what fun that would be..I adore flowers..

8- More toys for my wonder dogs ,such great companions .

9- Ability to get surprise anonymous gifts for people all the time .

10- New furniture, still have not replaced most since the hurricane 

11- Tons of art supplies ,expensive when you have other needs

12- Would love a supply of money  to help those
  who struggle like I have so so often 

13- And of course peace and health


  1. That's a nice list. Where can we find information if we want to help?

  2. What a lovely list! I agree about the endless pharma ads and nothing on tv. And my wonderdog salutes yours!

  3. I can relate to the lifting one and that new vacuum one so much! Hope you get some help with that heavy dust and the heavy lifting. *big Eyes* It's hard getting older.


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