Wednesday, September 20, 2017

13 fun looks from 1810 forward to turn of 20th century

 change street light
 and baby makes 3
 off to jail
 mobile home 1900's
 early treadmills 1920

 only the elite had a refrigerator in 1920
 hair salon
 first diving suit 1920
 oh sure
 strong woman
telephone lineman


  1. Fantastic. Is that Willie Nelson with knives?

  2. I had no idea treadmills went back that far. Or shorts, for that matter. The repairmen make my toes tingle.

  3. Very fun Thursday 13! I love your photo tours. 👌🏻😎❤️

  4. Oh wow! These are fantastic. I loved the bicycle built for 3.

  5. just noticed the lady with the refrigerator: look at her shoes--they look about four sizes too big for her feet, if you follow her ankles down...


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