Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday 13 - Looking through a bird photo booth-I want one , my cousin has one

This lady moved here from Germany  to Michigan, missed her bird feeding , so someone got her a bird photo booth and here are the lovely results.My cousin has a bear  come right up to hers.Poconos..

  will show you birds in real time  in the city


  1. I LOVE the last one. Such attitude from a critter with no eyebrows. "you lookin' at ME?"

  2. Wow, these are wonderful. I like how close up you got.

  3. My grandsons made me a big box with a window with a stool for sitting inside so I could watch and photograph birds! Not THIS close.

  4. Great T13 subjects! That's an amazing invention, and a must have for birders. Off to research these!

  5. Very cool indeed. We avoid bird feeders here as they attract bears, too. Great shots, though!


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Camera critters Ashlyn celebrating Cow Day and the dog meets the cat in the priests rectory, and my cat Handsome is 21 today !!

 careful meeting Handsome  has an eating and body condition and needs to be kept unstressed but a pretty good guy at 21 !!