Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday 13- I'm intrigued by the rare animals in Madagascar here are 10 pictures and 3 astounding facts

Darwin Bark Spider - can build a web 80 ft across a stream , changes colors
 This spider's web is 10 times stronger than kevlar - strongest silk in world

Tomato frog
 Tenrec- 6 inches aquatic
 Panther chameleon changes due to mood,not surroundings always vibrant
 Malagasy Leaf nosed Snake
 Pochard- extinct and rediscovered in 2006 - can hold breath a long time underwater
 Flat tailed gecko
 Fossa -dog and cat qualities,civet like .mongoose family,eats small lemurs
 aye-aye--detect prey through echoes
Comet moth 8 inches in width


  1. these are absolutely stunning. Some, like that spider, look like the sort of thing I'd give a wide berth, but still beautiful...

  2. Those are incredibly interesting (except maybe the snake). The difference in creatures among the continents is truly amazing.

  3. Wow, that is a lot of cool creatures. What does an aye-aye eat?

  4. Such an interesting Thursday 13. The aye aye is my favorite little lemur. I remember the Pochard from old stories. I hope it is going to make it.

  5. Mindblowers. Especially like the red frog. Looks delicious!


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