Thursday, April 13, 2017

13 things that made me smile broadly this past week

 Bows on bunnies will do it
 smiling sheep  make ME smile
 quokkas always

 ambitious  dogs

not a partridge in a pear tree a teddy in a cherry

My friend takes little nieces and nephews out to  explore in the woods in Germany - sheep costumes make it more fun
Former students newest daughter 8 months is so so social--so cute

A line from a movie this week-"Your dancing is so wild and free,, it reminds me of an unmanned fire hose"



  1. Lots of cool photos here! I am sorry Florida is burning. It is lovely in Virginia, though starting to green up. The redbuds are in full bloom as are the dogwoods. It looks more like May than April, though. That warm February sped things up a bit.

  2. Fur, flowers and easter eggs. I like how you added some odd ones in the mix.

  3. I LOVE your student's t-shirt! I'll have to get one of those! never heard of a quokka before. The pug puppy is adorable.


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