Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday 13- 13 websites to make us smarter i hope* add any you know also

Duolingo: Learn a language online  free**

Khan Academy: Collegiate education for everyoneI use this in tutoring 

Justin Guitar: Free guitar lessons

 Cooking for Engineers: An analytical look at recipes  just fun

MIT Open Courseware: Free university courses

Investopedia: Helps you understand financial markets

Word a day and trivia a day  both I use daily and love them ..I'm not a throttlebottom .

OneLook: The most comprehensive dictionary

GeographyIQ: All about the world

HowStuffWorks: Learn how everything works

TED: Free video lectures 

 Project Gutenberg: A library of free e-books

Anki: Memorizing with flashcards


  1. I like TED talks and the word throttlbottom!

  2. I looked up the guitar site and love it! Bookmarked that one for sure. Thanks!

  3. This is a fantastic list of SmartSites. and fun, too.

    I told my daughter about the MIT site as soon as it went up, and it seemed to help her. The fact that MIT would provide this, free, really shows their humanity is working over time.

  4. Oh my! Cooking for Engineers! I must show my husband!


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