Saturday, March 11, 2017

Friends sharing critters Camera Critters

 let's go fishing here in Fl
 The one that got away
 I'm not real -hewn of wood
 just fun

at 4 Ashlyn is an accomplished horse girl 

 My friends hotel ride  in Breckenridge, colorado
 hibernating hedgehogs in  Wales
 16 yr old candid shot on her horse - lovely
 I feature my friends cat Daisy often; she made a word a day calendar
 how can one play with dog noses??
4 days he tried to get in in north Florida??why I wonder what did he see??


  1. All lovely critter shots ~ 1st one is amazing and last one is just so cute ~ thanks,

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  2. I love all of your critter photos! Well maybe not the snake.

  3. The bird may have seen a reflection (his own) that he wanted to fight.
    The hedgehogs hibernating, the sixteen year old on her horse and that amazing carving - wow!


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Camera critters Ashlyn celebrating Cow Day and the dog meets the cat in the priests rectory, and my cat Handsome is 21 today !!

 careful meeting Handsome  has an eating and body condition and needs to be kept unstressed but a pretty good guy at 21 !!