Saturday, June 11, 2016

Camera Critters again from friends

I have lost 4 pets in 2 years and it is rough - cancer surgeries coming up - etc so I'm sort of focusing on my friends
 Italian greyhounds
 My breed of choice had 8 in my lifetime and want another plain seal or grey or black so badly - none around

My friend are camping at Fisheating Creek, Venus, fl  and this is what they see daily not sure I'd want to be that close .I once grabbed my dogs and ran from one there

My girlfriend in England found Sonic all balled up on highway and took him to forage elsewhere 


  1. I'd be thrilled to see as gator (I think). Good luck and best wished with your surgery.

  2. Hello, best wishes on the cancer surgeries. It is always sad to loose a family pet, I still miss all my old dogs. Gators are creepy. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


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