Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday 13 - 13 unusual fruits and vegetables I have never tried **


African Horned Cucumber
Cupuassu a weird fruit
Dulse sea vegetable  very popular in Maine etc.
langstat fruit
Here's the one I want to try first Miracle Fruit if your drink is too  bitter or tart , this fruit will even out the tastes
Monstera delicioosa what is this a monster fruit??
oca a very exotic veggie
pepino fruit
rambutan a weird fruit

samphire a sea vegetable



  1. You gave me a lot of interesting things to look up. :-)
    Apparently the tiger nuts are very versatile.

  2. I haven't tried these either, but now I'd like to. I'll will look for them. Thanks.

  3. I need a taste test but I'm not sure I'm even that brave!

  4. Can honestly say I have never even heard of these. My T13

  5. Exotic indeed. I've heard of Dulse, but never even seen any of the others. Very cool list!

  6. Never heard of these. I think the most exotic thing I've ever eaten is a Kumquat.

  7. I picked up a pepino in my local grocery recently. Otherwise, I haven't had any of these. I need to travel more. :)


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