Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday 13 - unbelievable structures -If I had my druthers, I'd live in a multi level tree house with a wide view of water and trees

 Kansas City Library
 Anhui, China

 California Bus Station


  1. I like the library and the piano one the best. But very cool. Some of those don't look like they would withstand a wind storm.

  2. The one about the books would have me checking my glasses every time I went there.

  3. I must be a traditionalist because all of them would be too weird for me! The chickee is sweet.

  4. I love them all - but most especially the library and the squishy Polish house. So cool!


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Camera critters Ashlyn celebrating Cow Day and the dog meets the cat in the priests rectory, and my cat Handsome is 21 today !!

 careful meeting Handsome  has an eating and body condition and needs to be kept unstressed but a pretty good guy at 21 !!