Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday 13 - cars of my youth -one my husbands new car $600.00 lots of chrome, 1 pulled out of a burning one on a date and one a wedding gift

 Honeymoon gift; hers was fuchsia .She did not live too long  but loved that car!!My cousin Teeny.

 What is a phaeton??

It caught on fire- he pulled me out - He married my sorority sister 44 years ago

 our first car as a married couple ours was aqua - $600.00


  1. We had a Chevy. Sort of like your blue one. I had a Rambler!

  2. These all go back a bit further than I do, but I remember seeing many of them still on the road. Then we went to traveling bread boxes.

  3. Those old cars all have some class and style to them, don't they? Great lines that are missing on the junk they build today.

  4. I once had the now obsolete chevy chevette , lol

  5. Wow, what an extensive car history you have enjoyed. Those old Chevy's have made me nostalgic. My wife and I also had an old chevy when we first got married. I wish I had never sold it because it brings back great memories. Thank you for sharing all these great pictures of the cars. Was a really good read.


Thank you beforehand for genuine, positive , make me happy today comments

Camera critters Ashlyn celebrating Cow Day and the dog meets the cat in the priests rectory, and my cat Handsome is 21 today !!

 careful meeting Handsome  has an eating and body condition and needs to be kept unstressed but a pretty good guy at 21 !!