Thursday, March 26, 2015

My favorite 13 ways to relieve stress

Stress is a killer pure and simple . Until lately stress pretty much ruled my life. Even though I have great faith I always worried and got stressed for no good reason . Bottom line I was trying to lose weight and I read where people hold in stress they have a roll around middle- do not breathe deeply enough!! I am still sometimes stressed and pay a physical price always  ..But here  are some favorite ways to relieve stress and live happier , healthier.
1.** Take a deep breath. As simple as that sounds, deep breaths reduce the amount of cortisol, which can help release stress and anxiety. So next time you feel overwhelmed, take some deep breaths.

combining these 2 . >>Meditation: The best thing about meditation is that it allows the brain to relax for a bit and so decreases the overthinking we do and the stress that comes with it. Give your mind a well needed break.

 adding this .<< Retreat to your imagination: Imagine a peaceful scene, and let calm wash over you. If it doesn't work, imagine a happy memory of a time when you felt at ease.

2.__ Exercise: Not only does physical activity gives a well needed release for your anger and frustration, the endorphins that are released after that activity help to drastically reduce the anxiety, as well as making you feel more powerful and in control.includes yoga and walking  2 greats ..

3. ++Music: Studies show that listening to music can alleviate stress by activating bio-chemical mechanisms in the brain responsible for controlling the amount of stress we feel.

4. <<<Talk to a loved one: or priest or ??someone who makes you always feel good  you know 
 Some people need to 'get it off their chest', and who better to talk to than someone who is on your side. Maybe it's a partner, a great friend or a relative, but the interaction and closeness can do wonders.

5.#1 for me -- Take a break: Take yourselves out of a stressing situation from time to time, don't slog it. The little times off will help you come back with renewed energy. Remember, you are not a machine, you need these little breaks.

/// 6  Scented candles: Studies show that aromatherapy can be very effective against stress, and lavender scents have been directly linked to a decrease in overall stress.
and (I'm combining these two  also  aromatic baths )
 A long, pampering massage: There's nothing like a good massage to take away all the combined stress in your muscles and let it go. Studies have shown that a 40-minute massage can do a lot to reduce stress in the body as well as improving our self-image. Ask your partner to massage you or pamper yourselves with a professional massage.

***. 7-Through cancer therapies and pain , my pets are alsways there for me **Get a pet: Statistics show that people who own pets are less stressed. One theory is that pets take us outside of the human world and the stress it creates, and make us forget about it for a while. After all, the world of a cat or a dog is a much nicer, calmer placer, where momentary pleasures are much more important than worrying.


*** 8 Write a diary:I'm inconsistenat on  this. I also keep a jar of good sunshiney things that I bring out sporadically.
 Writing a diary is a well known therapy for alleviating stress and anxiety. Pick a time of day to sit down and write about whatever you are feeling and going through. Let the stress flow out with the ink (or virtual ink if you are using a computer).

** 9 Take a nap:( I always used to feel guilty ,not any more- if it makes me better I do it - A nap, usually around noon, is a great way to let your body balance its hormones and release stress.

.combining the next 2  10 Drink tea: Studies show that drinking tea balances the amount of the cortisol hormone released after stress and makes us feel more relaxed. So maybe the English are on to something here...

 Chew gum: Chewing gum has a similar effect to drinking tea. The ongoing activity will also give you something to focus on other than the stress, and will prevent you from clenching your jaw and causing yourselves pain.

***  11not always easy to do . Laugh: It's not a myth that laughter can be the best medicine, as it releases endorphins that significantly reduce the levels of stress in the body. So watch a comedy, read some jokes or share some laughs with a funny friend. 


*** 12Creativity is the very best counter balancer for me !! Take time for yourselves: Find time to be alone, isolate the disturbing thoughts and think of creative ideas. Sometimes it's better not to run from stress, but deal with it alone.

13-I have had panic attracks a lot in life and I just believe and no matter how hard think positive and power through  Believe in yourselves: If there's one thing we can leave you with, it is this: Know that you have the power to succeed and overcome any problem, believe in yourselves enough to take risks and take that important step forward.


  1. Very wonderful post that helps us remember what we need to do to stay stress-free. I hope you are doing well with cancer therapies. Stress is such a negative thing, and can be so bad for our health. Honestly I think laughter is one of my favorite stress-relievers!

  2. Wait. Combine tea and chewing gum? Frankly, I think listening to music and exercising go together better. I find when I listen to music I'm more likely to keep going.

  3. All good techniques. #1 (Breathing) is my go-to strategy.

  4. I love your header picture. These are all very good tips. I journal a lot and find Tai Chi to be helpful with stress. I can stop a migraine in its track with a 20-minute Tai Chi session. It is easier on me than yoga because I don't have to get down in the floor.

  5. So many of those are true for me! Creativity, candles, talking, writing, pampering myself, taking a break. Great list! BTW, I saw the horse picture with the snake under the saddle. Freaked me out!


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