Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday 13- Thirteen things I'm thinking about

1- I've just lost 3 relatives and 2 friends in the space of 2 months ..It's almost too much .

2- I got sick and nearly died at Christmas was down 8 weeks,organs quit, started out like flu though I have had lymphoma, and they really do not know what caused it . For a long time when I came home, I was scared..That is not like me and now I'm beginning to relax some  though life happenings repairs etc have been enormous.2015 appears to be quite challenging .I want a holiday do over ..

3- I adore hummingbirds and cannot wait to see all of them again soon, though one was here at Brazilian sunflowers the day I came home.

4- I know they will give a mechanical explanation but this photo of my home town Clarksburg, Wva  taken 1954 I swear it has 3 ghosts in it near the bank wall. what do you think??
 5-Did you use any Algebra today .?I'm teaching it to a boy and thinking gee I wish this was consumer math and cell phone minutes or  gallons of gas something he will need in life  I teach that too.

5- I love sports and the baseball coach is a former student and so good to me .

6-I wish the cold and gray would lift for Northerners . When I lived there I was forever planting bulbs and doing creative things to fight the cold  and gray.

7- I loved seeing my son at Christmas but miss him terribly in between..At 42 he will always be a little   boy to me .

8-I juice every morning  costly but  I believe it sends nutrients to your organs faster, usually carrot juice , veggie blend of 11  veggies and garlic, cantaloupe, hone
ydew , or watermelon,

9  The cat pictured has a wiry long hair disease starts with trich is all I remember but isn't it fascinating ??

-2015 is the year of de clutter.. I have sent a lot to  rummages etc but still I cannot find a spare set of keys  oh my 
I am currently cleaning out jewelry and giving to my nieces and granddaughter.

11-  I adore this cartoon   left because we are squarely in the  birds of prey area 

12  You can still buy a gorgeous home on the water in Sebring, Florida for $200,000  I'm looking for country ,,

13.My Faith is stronger than ever due to many recent circumstances!!


  1. Clearly, your plate's pretty full, but it looks like you're balancing well. Ghost photo's awesome. Glad to hear that your faith strengthens. Salute!

  2. I am sorry to hear that you've had such troubles, but very glad you pulled through your illness. And that ghost photo is truly fantastic. Stay well and keep juicing - that's actually something I plan to start as soon as I figure out how to do it. Blessings to you.

  3. You are so upbeat in the face of such adversity. You're inspiring to me.

    BTW, what' in the 11 veggie juice? I'm on a diet and trying to get more veggies into it, but finding it challenging.

  4. You are a trooper! I didn't know you were that sick and still you maintain your humor and love of life. I count on it. I think the cat looks quirky and quizzical, the ghosts are a camera thing and algebra makes me feel like I'm going to have a seizure!

  5. Cute bird cartoon. Sorry to hear you've had a rough start to the year. Mine has been a bit rough as well -- been sick (respiratory infections) most of the winter, and lost one sister in January. My T13

  6. Sorry you've had such a bad start to your year. I love your positivity


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