Thursday, August 25, 2016

13 etegamis for you

Etegami is a Japanese folk art consisting of simple hand-painted drawings accompanied by a few apt words, and they are almost always done on postcards for quick and easy mailing.Another blogger delights me every week.I like to do them quickly and leave with a gift  flowers, tea bag , whatever..suits - any favorites here or your own ??

my favorite


Hearts in nature

I am grateful for deep seated hope

Thursday, August 18, 2016

13 matters I'm giving to God

1- Pain in hip , soft tissue injury  again after rehab of a year

2-Pain in neck, occurring from  lying strangely from hip

3-Neighbor who moved away no longer speaking since I was hospitalized  ,do not know whY but sad ..we were  kindred friends

4- left knee popping in and out 

5- Bill I owe to someone I love

6- inventions with no money to go 

7-little part time jobs qualified for but  do not get 

8- inconsiderate people who  do not show up  and I do !!

9- A new house I need and does not materialize.This week in a few hrs 10 people bid on same property  and the man who got it  paid  3,000 above asking ??

10-Sour stomach 4 weeks no doubt mostly stress

11- household items breaking  constantly expense I do not have 1,000 this month alone 

12-grief over losses overwhelming 5 relatives  , 4 pets,  4  friends  in 2 years

13-  has nothing to do with above 

It Rained Harp Strings Last Night 

Long polished wires that played 
earth music, closer to sighs than singing 
I hear it 
half the night later , 
wondering when the score would run out .
again at dawn, as it hid 
in a drum brush misting .
I heard it whisper.
It said sleep 
better than any lullaby  

Former student blonde selecting a book cover for first book in New Zealand

I am grateful for faith

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Today's Flowers

 Can never forget the aroma  or freshness of the sweet pea

Native Wva , weeds and wildflowers!!